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7 questions with Frogs Gone Fishin’

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Frogs Gone Fishin’ sounds more like something found on a bumper sticker than the name of a band. But the funny name doesn’t detract from the group’s youthful take on roots-rock, blues and funk.

This Denver-based band is made up of Andrew Portwood on lead guitar, Mark Levy on drums, Trevor Jones on guitar and Steve Rogers on bass. They just released their first CD titled “Tell Me True” and are now on tour to promote the album.

Before their Vail appearance at the Sandbar tonight, Portwood took a few minutes to talk about life after college and what Frogs Gone Fishin’ hopes to accomplish with their music.

1. Vail Daily: How does it feel to have just finished college and already be touring the country with your band?

Andrew Portwood: We actually formed in 2005 but we were also in school so this is our first actual pretty big tour post college. So we’re all done now and enjoying the road, that’s for sure.

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2. VD: You just released your first CD. What do you think of the finished product and how has the reaction been to it?

AP: We’re really happy with it … It’s nine songs and a 10th song secret track … We wrote it in Nashville and recorded half of it in Nashville and half of it in Colorado and we’re real happy with it. It sounds pretty rockin’ and people seem to enjoy it.

3. VD: Was recording the album in two separate locations a necessity or something you guys just wanted to do?

AP: (It’s) the way it had to be done but we did it semi-optionally that way too. We were going to school to Belmont University in Nashville and that’s where we were kind of learning all the tricks of the trade … so we just went there on our way back to school, Mark was going back up to Boston and Trevor was going back down to New Orleans so we just kind of met up in Nashville last August and finished up the album.

4. VD: How did you guys keep that band together and find time to make an album being that you all went to different colleges in different states?

AP: I think the songwriting wasn’t too hard. We all were in different locations so we all have different influences and different song ideas and that kind of just came together. But I mean, I don’t know, I guess the determination of us just trying to get this thing out and (we) knew that once we all got out of school this is what we wanted to do. So I think just kind of setting the goals and getting them done was basically what we were doing.

5. VD: What brought you guys together as a band?

AP: We all went to high school together and we all were playing in different bands back then and doing music stuff in high school along with all the other crazy stuff that happens in high school but then we all went to college … and we started the group in Nashville and then lost a few members and picked up Steve and Mark from our high school and then just started touring and recording.

6. VD: When did you start playing guitar and why?

AP: I started when I was a kid. We all pretty much started playing music when we were kids. I got a guitar for Christmas when I was, I think, 11 or 12 and then I kind of sat around and picked around to give me something to do when I was a kid instead of getting in trouble. I did plenty of that, though, too.

7. VD: What’s inspiring your songwriting the most now that you guys are all out of college and experiencing much of the country for the first time?

AP: The road is definitely some inspiration for us. We have lots of fun tales meeting lots of fun new people … it’s a pretty fun environment, we’ve been trying to write song based around that.

8. VD: Will you ever bite the head off of a live frog on stage like Ozzy Osbourne?

AP: Yeah, I don’t know. We’ll have to see. We’ll have to see. That might be cruelty to animals.

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