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7 Smart Fellers coming to Avon on Thursday

Caramie Schnell
Vail, CO Colorado
Special to the Daily7 Smart Fellers will join Polebridge Electric Company tonight in Avon.

AVON, Colorado – Talk about a tongue twister. Popular Montana band 7 Smart Fellers has joined forces with another band called Polebridge Electric Company thus the current tour is being called 7 Smart Fellers: Polebridge Electric Tour. The boys – singer/songwriter Dan Freund, bass player Derrick Streibig, lead guitarist Eric Petterson and drummer Charlie Hogland – will pull into Avon today for a free show at Loaded Joe’s tonight. It’s the bands first time performing in the area. Petterson took the time to answer a few questions for the Vail Daily

1. Vail Daily: Tell me about your new EP, “Extended Play.” How has it been received?

Eric Petterson: The EP is a collection of six new songs that we released for this tour and it is exclusively available at our shows presently. Look for our large white van.

2. VD: Where is this tour taking you? Any favorite stops yet?

EP: We traveled from St. Louis straight to Park City and then up to Montana. We’ll be playing in Jackson Wyoming this weekend, and then back up to Paradise Valley in Montana to play at Chico Hot Springs. Can’t wait for Chico, we’ve been there several times and it’s always been great, not to mention the medicinal hot water …

3. VD: Tell me about something funny that happened at a recent show.

EP: Well, the shows around Halloween were surreal with dancing pirates, etc. At the show in Bozeman our friend’s costume was so good that we didn’t recognize them for a while as we were setting up.

4. VD: 7 Smart Fellers: Polebridge Electric Tour is quite the band name. How did you guys come up with your name?

EP: The “7 Smart Fellers” came from our 4th of July parade performances in Polebridge … it’s an old tongue twister. Polebridge is a tiny town in northwest Montana that doesn’t have electricity, and most of our current band members were in a previous project called “The Polebridge Electric Company.” What we’ve ended up with is a cross pollination of the two names (and projects).

5. VD: Describe your sound.

EP: Where does St. Louis meet Seattle? Sometimes in the middle of Montana. We’re rock, but we love playing old country songs in our sets. This is definitely the hardest question so far… i don’t know, Dirty Nerdy Cowboy Synth Pop … That’s a joke … I think.

6. VD: What can people expect from your show Thursday at Loaded Joe’s in Avon?

EP: I feel like we’re going to put on a pretty good show. We’re quite a few dates into this tour and playing with these guys just keeps getting better and better. I’m loving it. Come out everyone, it’s going to be a great time!

7. VD: Who writes the band’s songs? What inspires the lyrics?

EP: Dan Freund writes most of the songs we play, but Derrick Streibig and I are songwriters as well and have a few in there. It’s great to play with such creative folks. As far as what inspires them, past relationships and experiences … it’s a lot of dirt from a lot of places.

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