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8-year-old’s suggestion for the Vail Daily

Casey Cope
Avon, CO, Colorado

You should make funnier comics. I know that some of the comics are funny, but not all of them. I think you should have more jokes in them. I mean, if there are in some of them, I don’t get them.

If you change the comics, your company will get richer because some people will say, “Oh, the comics in the Vail Daily are so funny, you should read them.”

Then it will get people to hear about it from all over the globe and they might come to Avon, Colorado, to read the comics.

So, if you could just change the comics, it would be an honor to me. I have written some comics and I will send them to you.

By the way, I love your coverage of high school soccer.

Casey Cope

age 8, Avon

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