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9Health Fair comes to Gypsum March 31

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With more than 20 free health screenings offered, 9Health Fair, Colorado’s largest health fair program, has teamed up with the Eagle Lions Club and Vail Valley Medical Center to offer affordable health testing at Eagle Valley High School in Gypsum.

The fair, scheduled for March 31 in Gypsum, will offer free and low-cost health screenings that address today’s most critical health issues, including heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, prostate cancer, mental health and more. The fair also offers:

• Blood work, breast and colon cancer information.

• Direction on reading results and sharing with a doctor. Results delivered within four weeks.

•-Calls within 72 hours if a critical health issue is discovered.

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• Free interpretation and translation services.

•-Free “Ask A Medical Question / Get A Referral” services.

• No social security number or personal identification required.

“The 9Health Fair has been providing a safe, friendly and professional place for people in our community to learn more information about their health for 33 years now,” said Shannon Hurst, event coordinator and Eagle Lions Club member. “This is an excellent opportunity to gain insightful information about your health for a minimal cost.”

Blood draws, done by Vail Valley Medical Center employees, provide an important look into the health of a person. Blood screenings offered include:

• $30 Blood Chemistry Screening: Provides information on your blood sugar (glucose), cholesterol, triglycerides, liver, kidney, bone and muscle function and may show warning signs of diabetes, heart disease and other concerns.

• $15 Blood Count screening: Checks the health of blood.

• $40 Vitamin D screening: Measures baseline Vitamin D level.

• $25 Hemoglobin A1C screening: Provides the average blood sugar level over the past 2 to 3 months.

“These blood screenings are very important in monitoring health,” said Daphne Horvath, lab supervisor for the fair and Vail Valley Medical Center. “These tests are very affordable and often, even cheaper than if you were to use insurance at a doctors office.”

Pre-registration is available online at http://www.9healthfair.org and will allow the check-in process to flow more smoothly. For more information about the March 31 9health Fair in Gypsum, visit http://www.9healthfair.org or call 800-332-3078.

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