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A beautiful beast

Special to the Daily"NPON," by Facedowninshit

Facedowninshit “NPON (Nothing Positive, Only Negative)”

RelapseListening to this album makes you want to go skeet shooting with a flask of whiskey, as one cigarette hangs out of each side of your mouth. Not your cup of tea? Try the vocals: frontman/guitarist Jason Crumer sounds like he’s gargling boiling grease most of the time. But if you like metal in its slowed down and sludgy glory, Facedowninshit might be a real treat. “NPON” is filled with apocalyptic noise, head banging riffs and downright ugly vocals making for a highly cathartic experience. While Facedowninshit are no Black Sabbath, the trio’s music sounds like a drastically slowed-down, Southern fried early-era Sabbath.The band’s sound more than suggests an undying devotion to the kind of tuned-down, chunky, swamp metal bands such as Eyehategod and Acid Bath delivered years ago. It would seem to go without saying that you have to look past the band’s ridiculous name and the pessimistic message obvious from this album’s title alone. If you can do that, there are plenty of scrumptious heavy nuggets throughout “NPON”.

Mogwai”Mr. Beast”

MatadorBorderline irreverent at times, overwhelmingly loud, thick and explosive at others, Mogwai’s “Mr. Beast” lives up to its name – it’s a big, burly album with few missteps along the way. It isn’t that Mogwai is any less of a band when vocals come into the picture because vocalist/guitarist Stuart Braithwaite can be uplifting and add to the music; case in point: “Travel is Dangerous.” But on the other attempts, Mogwai’s vocals are disappointing, making for the only disappointments on “Mr. Beast”, which still glistens as a great album. Those unfamiliar with this British quintet’s seven albums before “Mr. Beast” will easily pick up on why Mogwai has been such an influence on the new wave of instrumental rock, i.e.: Pelican and Red Sparowes. Mogwai understands how to pair visceral agro noise and sweeping, dreamy melodies to perfection, making for a hypnotizing sound and an addictive soundtrack to whatever it is you might do with your spare time.

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