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A Beaver Creek jeweler who lets stones speak

Caramie Schnell
Vail CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily

Antoinette Cleoni’s trademark is simple: she lets the natural beauty of the stones in her jewelry speak. The result is a look that is both contemporary and timeless.

Berkley-based artist Cleoni will be at By Nature Gallery in Beaver Creek on Thursday and Friday for a trunk show featuring her Acleioni Designs line of jewelry.

“For 20 years, Antoinette has been exploring the world of color and radiance using glorious semi precious gemstones set in silver,” said Frances Rolater, co-owner of By Nature Gallery in Beaver Creek. “Finding unusual gems that are carved and faceted to reflect the beauty of the light is a treasure hunt that inspires Antoinette’s creativity. She strikes just the right balance between glitter and glamour and everyday wear-ability with pieces that are at home with jeans, at the office, or for a night on the town.

Recently, Antoinette began collaborating with Taiyo Adophus, owner of Harley Quinn Opal Emporium in Australia, where Adophus has lived on the opal fields of Mintabe for 20 years. Combining his passion for the rainbow brilliance of opal with Antoinette’s sense of proportion and design, the Diamond Opal collection was born. A slice of Opal is covered by a piece of faceted quartz to create brilliant and luminescent pieces.

Though Adophus won’t be able to join Cleoni for the trunk show, he has sent a large specimen of boulder opal showing a vein of opal as part of the trunk show merchandise.

“It would be an outstanding addition to a collection,” Rolater said.

By Nature Gallery specializes in fossil and mineral specimens, fossil fish murals from The Green River Stone Company, large petrified wood slabs, and, of course, jewelry. The owner, Rick Rolater, has been collecting fine fossils and mineral for 35 years. The Rolaters association with Antoinette dates back to the original Discovery Store days (Discovery Store was a small chain of nature stores based out of Dallas that were transformed into Discovery Channel Stores in the late ’90s).

“She creates beautiful and very wearable designs using primarily faceted colored semi precious gemstones and silver. She has a terrific eye for color and combinations of stones. She also loves to use unusual stones, such as Prehnite and Vesuvianite, as well as Labradorite and Iolite, for example, which are not often found in popular jewelry.” Antoinette travels the world seeking inspiration and materials for her work.

For more information about Antoinette Cleoni, call By Nature Gallery at 949-1805.

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