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A better idea

Mike Kieler
Vail, CO, Colorado

The powers that be who we elected to run our government want to stimulate us with a $500 check. Considering there’s a whole bunch of us, that’s a lot of paper, ink and postage. Why not make it real simple, like the Texas two step (with zero administrative cost), by eliminating FICA payments for the first six months of 2009? That would give every working American a 7.5 percent pay raise and every business in America a 7.5 percent reduction in its payroll costs, immediately!

Simple, easy and administratively cost-free. What’s wrong with this idea, you ask? Perhaps no opportunity for our elected officials to do any pork-barrel skimming!

Add a one-month mortgage payment holiday and you’ve really got a true stimulus package, not some “let-your-congressman-grab-a-piece, costly, complicated” plan.

On the other hand, we’re spending $95 million on the inauguration, so what the hey?

Mike Kieler


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