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A better place

David Le Vine

It’s the holiday season and it occurred to me that we, who live here, should express our appreciation to many who help to make this valley a better place.

So let’s say thank you to the people of the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office and to the officers of our local police departments. And let’s appreciate the efforts of the teachers and principals who are educating our kids to be smarter and better citizens. And how about the mayors and councilmen who are dedicated to our towns and all of us? We say thank you very much.

Yes, and then there are those that serve on water boards and metro districts and planning commissions. Let’s not forget the librarians or those who bring us music.

Some of you are paid for your efforts and some are not. But in either case, you all – and many others – make life a lot more secure and pleasant for all of us who contribute little but call this valley home!

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