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A book to die for

Terri Schlichenmeyer

We book lovers treasure our tomes. We buy special furniture for them. We dust around them and haul them from old home to new home. We proudly display them, thumb through them with fond memories, pass them on to friends, and sometimes without meaning to, we sleep with them.

So is a book worth killing for?

Someone obviously thought so, but the prize might have been a missing picture inside the book. In the new novel, “The Fourth Perspective” by the Denver-based author, Robert Greer, former bail bondsman C.J. Floyd needs to get to the bottom of this cover-to-cover crime.

Five years. That’s a long time to be imprisoned, but it was less than half the sentence that Celeste Deepstream received when she was convicted of beating to death the man who hired C.J. Floyd to chase her mentally-fragile brother across two states. Celeste had five long years to perfect her plan to kill C.J., and although the plan didn’t initially include Russian explosives expert Alexie Borg, Alexie is involved nonetheless. Now Celeste vows revenge for all that C.J. did to destroy her family.

Last winter, former bail bondsman CJ Floyd sold his half of the bail business to his long-time partner, Flora Jean Benson. Promising his fiance, Mavis, that he would give up the life of a bondsman and a life of danger, C.J. put a ring on her finger and rented a dingy storefront so that he could become an antiques dealer. Business is slow in the winter months, though, and slow means tedious. Maybe, C.J. thinks, he wasn’t cut out for the quiet life of a rarities dealer.

When Theresa Del Mora brought her son, Luis, from Nicaragua, she thought the opportunities he would find in America would put him on a path that would make them both proud. Theresa’s employer, multimillionaire Howard Stafford, offered assistance in getting Luis settled, and Theresa was overjoyed to have her son with her again. But when Luis was shot and killed in a dirty parking garage in a Denver neighborhood, Theresa Del Mora deeply regretted her decision.

But there was more to the killing of Luis Del Mora. It seems that Luis was stealing rare books from his mother’s employer and selling them for big money. So what was inside the back of that forgettable book about Montana medicine that made someone want to kill Luis Del Mora?

More importantly – where is Celeste Deepstream hiding?

I liked “The Fourth Perspective,” even though I thought the preponderance of characters was a little much. Author Robert Greer offers readers some a few twists, a bunch of turns, a couple of oops-I-didn’t-see-that-comings, a few slimy nasties, and a bad-guy who turns out to be the most determined woman you ever saw. Be aware that “The Fourth Perspective” refers heavily to other C.J. Floyd mysteries, so you’d be well-advised to get them all and start from the beginning.

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