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A Christmas tradition returns to Beaver Creek

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On Friday, The Vail Academy will present its Christmas musical, titled “Remember the King” at the Vilar Performing Arts Center in Beaver Creek at 6 p.m. The tradition continues after six seasons as The Vail Academy puts on a musical about the true meaning of Christmas. This all-school musical is set in a cozy village of Skier-Ville, USA, closely resembling that of Vail or Beaver Creek Village.

“In writing this musical and knowing that Vail is celebrating its 50th, I thought it would be fun to tie that into our performance as well as giving each character the name of a ski run or store in Vail and Beaver Creek,” said Christi Howell, the musical director at The Vail Academy.

All of Skiers-Ville is abuzz and preparing for a celebration good enough for a King. But which king deserves such a celebration? Eighth grader, Emma Cerovich, plays the village reporter, Rosie Rose-Bowl and is on a mission to capture the news as its happening. Rosie Rose-Bowl is on hand to interview the mayor, the mayor’s assistant, Gloria Golden-Bear, and the townspeople to determine which king deserves to be remembered this holiday season.

“I love this musical because it takes place in a present day ski town with modern day characters, so we can all relate to that,” Cerovich said.

Through song, dance and silly skits, the townspeople try to figure out which King above all Kings deserves remembrance. The town mayor, 5th grader Ethan Pyke, would like to think he is of utmost importance and deserves such a grand affair, however, his assistant, 6th grader Audrey Howell, has to convince him otherwise. A musical journey through famous kings is played out. Could it be the King of Rock and Roll, or perhaps the King of Pop? King Tut or the King of the Jungle? So many kings, so little time. Will they ever figure out the true meaning of Christmas and remember which King they are supposed to celebrate?

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“Join the students of the Vail Academy as they present an entertaining musical that will make you laugh out loud and warm your heart as we celebrate this Christmas season, remembering the one and only King above all Kings,” Howell said.

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