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A circus full of fun: Cirque Flip Fabrique presents ‘Muse’ at the Vilar

Cirque Flip Fabrique’s “Muse” features characters dressed as football players and ballerinas.
Emmanuel Burriel/Courtesy photo
If you go…
  • What: Cirque Flip Fabrique Presents: ‘Muse’
  • When: 12:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 5
  • Where: Vilar Performing Arts Center, Beaver Creek

Flying “football players” meet fancy-footed “ballerinas” in Cirque Flip Fabrique’s performance of “Muse” Wednesday night at the Vilar Performing Arts Center.

“Muse” dazzles the eyes as never before with athletic artists challenging themselves through nearly death-defying acts, as they rotate between wearing football uniforms and ballet costumes. Whether it’s two women on a double trapeze flying through the air or a Hungarian world champion in skipping rope, the feats that the human body can pull off are simply stunning.

Set to an original score by beatmaker Millimetric, “Muse” showcases live vocals by Flavia Nascimento, along with the troupe’s grace, athleticism and artistry.

The troupe aims to create shows inspired by artistry, imagery, personality and the human experience, while also sending positive messages, such as: Instead of tackling each other and thinking we’re different, we should work together because it saves lives, said artistic director Bruno Gagnon.

A breathtaking diabolo performance employs four diabolos (a juggling apparatus consisting of a two-headed top, a string and two sticks) and explores the mental pressures of life, portraying emotion through body gestures and facial expressions.

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“How he moves lives (out) the emotions,” Gagnon said.

Another act features a ramp, which also acts as a slide, and a trampoline and wall that allows performers to leap, fly and, in general, accomplish things the human body just doesn’t seem to be made to do.

Then, the “battle of the sexes” encourages a fun, energetic dance-off-type battle.

In ‘Muse,’ dancers challenge themselves with dangerous stunts mixed into the performance.
Stephane Bourgeois/Courtesy photo

“In English, it sounds super bad, but in French, it sounds better. It’s like a dance battle but with circus tricks,” Gagnon said. “The show concludes with a drag queen on a trapeze, depicting the idea of how to be in love with who you are.”

Overall, the troupe hopes to remind adults how to play and have fun.

“Somewhere along the line, certain ones among us lose their inner child, the one who amazes us, delights us, fills us with happiness and keeps us alive,” Gagnon said.

His solution: Bring out a big red balloon, a swing, a slide, a diabolo, trapezes and a trampoline, and take the audience on a ride of pure delight.

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