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A conservative on CU campus

Don Rogers

A kid from the Vail Valley, Travis Fawcett, hid a damning secret from his fellow students at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

Finally, though, the Rocky Mountain News reported, the senior Spanish major blurted it out recently to the lunch crowd at CU’s Alferd Packer Grill: “I’m a conservative!”

There, done. It’s out. A conservative at one of the most liberal universities in the nation.

Might sound a little tongue and cheek to us, but apparently this is a big deal in Boulder. Conservative students have complained for decades about being harassed by other students and even teachers, according to the News.

Well, campus life is another world. Never mind if at least some of us take problems like this as little signs that not much of the real world is intruding.

2 many rescues

What’s with the lifts breaking down lately? Beaver Creek a few weeks ago had to rescue folks after the Larkspur lift broke down, the first time in the Beav’s history a lift croaked like that.

Then Monday at Vail, the Cascade lift failed, forcing the rescue of nine riders by way of rope.

The rescuers have a great time putting their skills to practice, and by all accounts, they performed very capably. But why are the lifts breaking down like this?

Report flunks

The “Wilderness Report Card” and its ilk – from the left and the right – fail miserably as credible guides to legislators’ work. Republicans all get F’s and Dems all get A’s. What a crock.

Likewise with the other ideological grade-giving, the Chamber of Commerce lobby’s marks for business friendliness as well as the enviro advocates. They only highlight the polarization in politics today.


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