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A conversation about party hats

J.K. Perry

SWEETWATER ” A Sweetwater couple’s phone rang just after 1 a.m. on July 27. The husband picked up and the male voice asked to speak with his wife by name, according to a Sheriff’s report.

The wife believed the voice belonged to an a drunk, older teenager because he slurred his words and kept changing the conversation, the report says.

The voice asked the wife if she knew him, and she didn’t, the report says. The man gave his name, which the wife didn’t recognize, and said he knew where she lived, the report says. He then asked for the wife’s phone number and the wife said that he had called her, the report says.

The man also asked what she liked to drink and what color party hat the wife liked to wear, the report says. To get more information from the man, she told the man she likes blue party hats, the report says. The man said the color blue is a good color, the report says.

Deputies later told the couple to trace any future calls from the man by dialing *57. The deputies checked out the name the caller gave to no avail. The case is inactive because of a lack of leads.

GYPSUM ” A bystander enjoying his coffee July 25 in front of the Gypsum Stop and Save got a scare when a man toting a large hunting knife in his waistband stormed out the door and began throwing newspapers, according to a Sheriff’s report.

The bystander asked the man to stop littering, the report says. The man told him to shut up with ” using colorful language ” and mind his business, the report says.

When the bystander said it’s not nice to litter, the man began to yell even louder, the report says.

Then the man’s buddy, also carrying a large blade, came out and told the bystander to leave them alone, the report says. The buddy also said he planned to grab an AK-47 from his house and shoot the bystander, then got in a car and left, the report says.

Concerned, the man backed off and call the cops.

Deputies caught the first knife-toting man and found some dope on him, the report says. They arrested him for possession of marijuana and disorderly contact.

The buddy also returned to the gas station and told the deputies he just wanted the bystander to know he owned a gun, the report says.

The deputies arrested him for menacing and disorderly contact.

EDWARDS ” A man purporting to be “Eric” called an Edwards residence a couple times July 30 to speak with a 12-year-old girl, but the man got ticked off when mom and dad told him to quit calling, according to an Eagle County Sheriff’s Office report.

Shortly after the calls, the man left a message and told the father he didn’t know who he was messing with, the report says.

On the message the man mentioned he’s a gang member and threatened to kill the family and damage the father’s house and truck, the report says.

The father dialed *69 and got the man’s phone number. Sheriff’s deputies tracked down the phone number’s address and asked to speak with Eric, who denied knowing the father or daughter, the report says.

When asked if he belonged to a gang, the man laughed and said no, not since he lived in Mexico, the report says.

Deputies asked Eric and another man at the residence to call the father to compare voices. During the call, the father identified Eric as the man who called and left the message, the report says.

When the deputy threatened to compare Eric’s voice to the message, Eric said another man called and spoke with the father, got scared and put Eric on phone, the report says. Eric then admitted to getting mad at the father for yelling at him, the report says.

Eric received a summons for harassment over the phone.

MINTURN ” With her bare heel, a 14-year-old student busted a Minturn Middle School glass door July 25 when people inside failed to grant her entrance, according to a Sheriff’s report.

The girl pounded the door with her fists and kicked it when she didn’t get a response, the report says. A counselor in the school heard the girl cursing and saying that if nobody let her in, she’d break the glass, the report says.

The girl later admitted to breaking the glass, the report says.

Staff Writer J.K. Perry can be reached at 748-2928 or jkperry@vaildaily.com.

Vail, Colorado

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