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A definition of stupidity

Don Rogers

Colorado State University recently did a survey of seatbelt use. The result was astonishing. At least to us. An awful lot of people are still too stupid or too lazy or too full of their own sense of immortality to do something as simple as use their seatbelts. Not surprisingly, the study came to the remarkable conclusion that teenagers are 9 percentage points dumber than adults statewide, and even dumber on the Western Slope, when it comes to seatbelt use. Why dismiss these otherwise no doubt good citizens as morons? Easy. You are way safer in a car wearing your seatbelt than not. Duh.The good news is that statewide, 80 percent of the grownups, and 71 percent of the adolescents are just bright enough to buckle up. Hey, maybe next we’ll figure out that, yup, speeding kills, just like drinking and driving. Only not so often when you take that second to fasten your seatbelt. In short, the lessons of road tragedies will continue to be taught again and again and again … . How hard can this be, really, to figure out?A bit richBe honest now. Did anyone in Eagle County pay a lick of attention of all the misplaced pomp and circumstance surrounding President Bush taking his second oath of office.There was good Chief Justice Rehnquist, wearing his self-adorned chevrons on what was just fine as a simple black robe, administering the vow to a president who surely could have found another way to spend 40 whopping million dollars than on a king’s coronation. Hey, we voted for the guy and would again as long as Kerry’s the excuse for competition. But honestly, the extravagance was embarrassing.Vail, Colorado

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