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A different opinion about Vail Daily

David Le Vine
Vail, CO Colorado

I would like to take exception ” actually, many exceptions ” to a recent letter that was very critical of this paper and its staff.

For starters, I think highly of the editor’s obvious goal of presenting both important national news as well as the local “stuff.” The readership is far from homogeneous in regards to age or interests, and the very diversity of the content in the Vail Daily must often pique readers to think of things beyond their norm. I, for one, have learned a great deal about the local “school kids” and their activities because I have been treated to many fascinating articles written in the Daily ” most recently “Spectacular speech at Battle Mountain High.”

There was rather harsh criticism regarding the work of one columnist. My response is pretty straightforward. If one doesn’t like her work, simply don’t read it! There’s no reason to be cruel and insulting.

A similar remedy is apropos to the stated opinions that the length of articles and letters is excessive. If one finds an item that seems too long, just stop reading. Be tolerant ” the next reader just might be interested in more of the details.

The opinion that was expressed regarding sarcasm and the police beat “escaped me” so I’ll simply “take a pass” on the opportunity for another critical comment.

Finally, the referenced “letter” included about 175 words, which I thought was far too long. But then again, I wasn’t required to read all of it!

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