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A fan of Runyon for Eagle County commissioner

Debbie K. Marquez
Eagle County, CO, Colorado

Peter Runyon will get my vote. Why? Here’s my story.

When Peter was campaigning for county commissioner in 2004, I had the pleasure of spending a day with him during Basalt River Days. Our Roaring Fork Valley residents gave him an earful about wanting to be represented with a county commissioner from their side of the county.

He took it to heart and made a promise that if he were to be elected commissioner, he would look into what it would take to have a home rule issue put on the ballot. (This is the only way that the Roaring Fork Valley could be guaranteed to have a Roaring Fork Valley local on the commission.)

After winning the election, Peter kept his promise to his constituents and got a home rule measure on the ballot. Although I was not a fan of home rule, I continue to be a fan of Peter Runyon.

Another issue in 2004 that Peter has kept his word on is smart growth. Peter learned that there are thousands of approved parcels already on the books in the county. Then, he asked the question, why are we approving increased density when thousands of potential homes are already approved? Every project that comes before the commission is looked at by Peter Runyon through the smart growth lens. That’s another reason I am a fan of Peter Runyon.

Peter is determined that Eagle County continues to be a home for the working people in Eagle County and not a community of primarily second homes. That’s why he has dedicated a lot of his time to help projects that will house the workers now and in the future. We are a resort community. We need to house a work force. Peter knows this and does all he can to help local’s housing projects succeed. And, if that means leveraging county owned property or guaranteeing sales on a project in order to do so, he doesn’t shy away. Because, he knows that nothing is more important for the future of our county than housing our work force. That’s another reason I am a fan of Peter Runyon.

I know we can count on Peter Runyon to make the right choices for the future of Eagle County. That’s why I am a fan of Peter Runyon. He has earned another term.

Please vote to re-elect Peter Runyon for commissioner.

Debbie K. Marquez


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