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A federal issue; not a county one

I don’t give a damn how my county commissioners feel about war in the Middle East.Mitigate the effects of growth, keep an eye on our water, make sure the infrastructure of unincorporated Eagle County runs smoothly. That’s all I want from them.I don’t want them passing any resolutions pro or con on the impending U.S. attack on Iraq; that’s not why we put them in office.Any debate on such resolutions is a waste of time, one that distracts them and derails the local political process.But I’m probably in the minority, as I often am when it comes to boiling down global issues on the local level.Eagle County is largely a conservative place, and anyone who knows me knows that’s not the way I lean.To some degree, that’s why I want my local representatives to keep their noses out of national politics; God forbid they would actually have some influence in Washington on anything other than procuring grants for roads or radar towers or any other goodies on our federal wish list.So when I say keep your resolutions to yourself, commissioners, I mean it, and they seem to be heeding my wishes.Too bad they didn’t think the same way in 2001, when they jumped on the post-9/11 bandwagon and backed President Bush with a boilerplate, flag-waving resolution blindly supporting military action against anyone at any time for anything.One commissioner, Arn Menconi, risked getting booted from office for refusing to back such nonsense, which was political posturing of another kind.The other two commissioners, Tom Stone and Michael Gallagher, who so steadfastly and in my mind hypocritically refuse to pass either a pro or con resolution now, made that 9/11 resolution a litmus test for patriotism.Never should have happened. Travesty. Perfect example of why the commissioners vote, in my mind, doesn’t count when it comes to waging war.David O. Williams is managing editor of The Vail Trail and has been an editor and writer in the Vail Valley for more than 10 years. E-mail him at dwilliams@vailtrail.com.

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