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A few buck the majority

Don Rogers

Last week, our editorial that suggested Vail sell its seasonal Bubble covering the golf course ice rink declared that the need for the town to get rid of the tent seemed obvious to all but the Town Council and perhaps a few hockey club parents.Well, we hold to that comment. A few hockey parents, as well as skating club parents and some others do want Vail to hang on to the temporary covering.But it appears that far more hockey parents prefer that the Bubble, if not a more permanent indoor ice rink, make its way to Edwards or another downvalley location. Yes, we received a couple of calls and e-mails following that editorial, and it seemed reasonable to clarify the point.The Bubble has come to symbolize Vail’s struggle with the reality of a downvalley population that now dwarfs the headwater town. These communities have a lot more children in their households, as well.But town leaders – and a few others – hold fast to the notion that They Will Come if Vail can just build more recreation facilities and hope against hope that downvalley communities do not. That way, as this logic goes, the local families will keep coming to Vail. Problem is, it’s not rational. “Bubble of Dreams” isn’t selling here, at least not enough to make the six-figure price of setting up, taking down and then storing the beast after operating at a loss in the neighborhood of $2 of expense for each dollar of revenue work at all financially.We support the hockey and skating clubs working with recreational entities – perhaps WECMRD – to find a home for the Bubble where it gets more use and doesn’t have to be erected and taken down each season.But in Vail, it ain’t working. Time to move on.

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