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A focused fitness approach

Rod Connolly
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Studies show that maintaining a disciplined, focused approach for finite periods of time is a great way to make adaptations in fitness or to break through a plateau. Spring is the perfect time for renewal and physical transformation. For runners and cyclists, a focused block to get lean for your outdoor season is just what you need. It’s a good time to hit strength, mobility and movement patterns that will improve performance and prevent injury as well. If you simply want to look and feel better for spring break season and create healthy patterns simultaneously, then now is the time to do a focused block.

Stuck on Autopilot

We all get into habitual patterns, and while some of these can be healthy, many are not. Sometimes even your healthy habits hit a bit of a wall and begin to feel stagnant. Your body and mind may go through these actions on autopilot. Therefore, your brain, nervous system, musculature and cardiovascular system are not getting the stimuli they need to create new adaptations and increased fitness. Data shows that undertaking a 4- or 8-week training block creates increased stimuli in the body’s systems to produce profound results. This type of effort brings you to new levels of strength, mobility, athleticism and body composition.

The cornerstones of this kind of training block are strength, mobility, cardiovascular training and relaxation. When beginning a training block, indicate to yourself and others in your life that, “I am committed for this period of time. It is important to me and will help me be better for myself and others.”

Once you have made this commitment it is easier to honor your discipline and move through the program in a systemized manner. I recommend that you use metrics and feedback from your fitness professional to help track progress.

The primary target for most people during a focused block is to lean out substantially. Nutrition is instrumental in this goal, in fact, many studies indicate nutrition accounts for 75-80 percent of the lean out equation. Understanding what foods to take in, and when, is very helpful. Being honest with yourself and understanding habits or cravings that undermine your lean out goal is essential. Once you have identified these pitfalls, a qualified nutritionist or fitness professional can give you tools to move past these habits. This change alone helps weight fall off while reducing inflammation in the body.

Optimal 30 Days

Dogma Athletica is holding its Optimal 30 Days program beginning March 16, running through April 14. It is perfectly timed to set people up for Eagle County’s spring break season. Optimal 30 Days is an all-encompassing program. It includes a comprehensive nutrition program with menus, shopping lists and helpful tips. It provides daily workouts that will take your fitness and athleticism to a new level. You will be challenged and it will tax your muscular and aerobic systems! You will move better and have heightened awareness of your body in space. Additionally, the program offers relaxation techniques to promote recovery and reduce stress. The program includes weekly body composition tests and feedback from Dogma Athletica’s renowned trainers. Past participants have lost 12 to 20 pounds in 30 days with the support of Dogma’s staff and member base.

Expect to uncover a new you at the end of the program; someone leaner and stronger with clarity of mind and a sense of empowerment. Optimal 30 Days is open to only 25 participants.

Rod Connolly is an exercise physiologist, cycling coach and owner of Dogma Athletica. Call 970-688-4433 for more information.

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