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A ‘full-on dance party’ at Agave in Avon Thursday

Caramie Schnellcschnell@vaildaily.comVAIL CO, Colorado
Special to the DailyThe Polish Ambassador, and his neon yellow jumpsuit, land in Avon Thursday night for a show at Agave.

Wearing a so-bright-it’ll-blind-you yellow one-piece jumpsuit, The Polish Ambassador, aka David Sugalski, will host a dance party at Agave in Avon Thursday night. The Oakland, Calif. DJ claims to be from outerspace, which explains the following.”My mission is to rid the earth of horrible beats marring the universe with shame and disgrace,” he said. “I’m also here on earth to eat as many delicious snacks as I can.”Sugalski describes his sets as “no genre left behind.” He blends elements of funk, glitch, hip hop, ’80s music, jungle, and dub into a beat soup.”Polish keeps his set interesting by bouncing across the electronic music spectrum, but unlike a lot of the dub step acts out there today, Polish’s beats don’t hit you over the head,” said Crawford Byers, the show’s promoter. “His set is more closely related to European house music.”Sugalski last performed in Vail during Snow Daze.”His show at Snow Daze in December was awesome – he had 1,000 people rocking out at Checkpoint Charlie on a Sunday afternoon,” Byers said.For this tour, Sugalski has a VJ. “VJ Liminus will be up on stage interpreting Polish’s music visually on the screen overhead,” Byers said.Along with a hefty dose of insanity, attendees at tonight’s show at Agave can expect electronic dance music, with layered melodies and lots of dancing. “Polish loves to get down and has ridiculous dance moves, which disarm the crowd, and they quickly follow suit. So this will be a full-on dance party,” Byers said.The Polish Ambassador has released five albums to date. His latest record, “Future, Sex, Computers,” was released in April 2011. He followed this release with” Future, Sex, Computers” (Remixes & B-Sides) in September 2011.If you’re curious about Sugalski’s show, check out some of his videos on YouTube, or visit his Facebook page.

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