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A glimpse into the future

Don Rogers

First, congratulations to young ski racers Christa Ghent and Hunter Schleper, who made history for the Ski and Snowboard Club of Vail by both winning the Topolino Shootout in Winter Park and thereby earning the opportunity to race in Italy.Hunter, 13, is the youngest male skier from the United States ever to win his way to this race, and Ghent, all of 14, follows U.S. Ski Team stars Lindsey Kildow and Hunter’s sister, Sarah, with her accomplishment.We’re talking pride of the Vail Valley here, not just their obviously proud families. Way to go!That ain’t rightBeer in snifters? What in the world could these folks be thinking? Has the altitude gone straight to the heads of the Big Beers, Belgians and Barleywines festival’s organizers? Did some Frenchified wine connoisseur sneak into the party here?Snifters? Snifters? You have got to be kidding. That’s for tooty-fruity drinking after dinner – port, brandy, Grand Manier kind of stuff. That just ain’t for drinking beer, by god. You don’t take in the bountiful, brawny aroma of hops, malt and such with a silly snifter! No, this is work for honest mugs and steins.Next these jokers will be insisting on the tasters tucking in their shirts, sniffing bottle caps and talking in oh-so-refined tones about bouquets and pretentious junk like that.Oh, brother. Vail, Colorado

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