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A herald for holidays in Vail

Packy Walker
Vail, CO, Colorado

Below is a yuletide “carol” for the season, written in 1985, by Bart Garton, Dave Garton, Packy Walker and Jane Parker. Seems appropriate today more than 1985. If you wish to hire us to sing more of our carols, we have many!Sung to “Hark! the Herald Angels Sing”:

Hark! The herald angels sing

Where we gonna park this thing?

Downtown Vail, we’ll have to pay

or Ford Park and walk all day.

Mary on a burro dressed in

Freezing robes must park at Westin,

Little Jesus had to say:

Lord, won’t you be my valet?

So it finally came to pass …

God helped Joseph park his ass.


Packy Walker


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