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‘A high-paying guest’

John Gudmundsson

In the old days, when the Union Pacific Railroad still owned the Sun Valley ski area, there were night watchmen whose job it was to patrol the old wooden buildings at the resort. Inside the hallway of each building, was a key that had to be inserted into a clock, recording the time of day that they inspected the building. The watchman’s responsibilities also included checking to see if there were any “unauthorized guests” in the rooms.Quite often, the international ski instructors would bunk in these old buildings to save money on housing. There was a lot of action in those buildings as all of the instructors were young, male instructors. One of the rules for living in the buildings, however, was that there were no women allowed in the rooms. Period.One night, a watchman made his designated rounds of the Pine Chalet building, stuck his key into the clock and heard suspicious sounds coming from behind one of the doors. Following the sound, the watchman pounded on the door and yelled in at the Swedish instructor living there, “Hey, I hear a girl in there.”No answer.Once again, the watchman pounded on the door and yelled, “Hey. There are no girls allowed in these rooms.”Finally, from the other side of the door, a male voice answered, “Yes, I understand. But she’s a high-paying guest.”

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