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A.J.’s the answer

Arthur Kittay

Traffic in Eagle County is becoming more congested by the day, and studies confirm this. Unfortunately all we get are studies. Air traffic is up and we still don’t have an adequate radar system.

Traffic at the airport during flight times is crowded and there is not one member of the law enforcement community inside the building. There used to be, but county-airport manager Jack Ingstad apparently does not see the importance of protecting airport passengers and employees. Saving a few dollars appears to be his priority.

We can only hope that our smalltown airport will not become the perfect target for terrorism.

As I have said before, a change in our elected officials would be a big help. The animosity between our commissioners has created many problems. We are not getting our money’s worth.

Fortunately, there is a bright light out there. Former Sheriff A.J. Johnson has decided to run for commissioner. He is a man of integrity, not polarized by a political party when it comes to what is best for Eagle County. His honesty has stood out in the past as an officer in Vail, culminating with his position as our sheriff being ended by the legal requirement of his not being able to run again. His election as a commissioner would be a real step forward in helping us become the progressive county we should be.

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Those of you who know A.J. and agree, please call him and show your support. Oh, and yes he is a friend of mine.

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