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A letter from Denver Water to the residents of Summit County

H. J. Barry
Manager, Denver Water

Denver Water wishes to respond to the citizens of Summit County affected by the recent closures of the Dillon Dam Road. We realize that security measures taken on the road during the past two weeks have caused inconvenience and frustration for area residents and visitors, and we regret any negative impacts resulting from the temporary closures of the road.

Our decision to close the Dillon Dam Road wasn’t taken lightly. We fully recognize the vital role the road serves in Summit County. We believe initial details of the Jan. 8 incident warranted a heightened security response, and all parties involved, including Summit County officials, determined that closure was the most appropriate short-term action as the investigation proceeded and a more extensive review of security options took place. The next step is to explore potential long-term measures that will help better secure this critical facility and protect residents.

Many of you were frustrated by not having more information about the circumstances surrounding the incident. While we cannot discuss the specifics, we are satisfied with the findings of law enforcement’s subsequent investigations, and we believe there is no imminent threat to the facility.

Unbeknownst to the casual observer, we have implemented a number of enhanced security measures at the facility over the past eight years designed to limit the vulnerability of the dam and reservoir. We respectfully request your patience and understanding as we continue to balance the need to protect the facility against the need for reasonable public access.

Communication with residents in this instance was not as effective as it should have been. Communication around events that affect residents must improve, and we look forward to working with local officials for suggestions to revise procedures and find solutions.

A number of you have shared with us your concerns and suggestions. As always, we value your constructive input. We will work closely with local law enforcement to respond to all security-related reports made by Summit County citizens.

Please note that we expect to close the road on Wednesday, Jan. 30, and again on Wednesday, Feb. 6, weather permitting, to complete installation of permanent concrete barriers designed to discourage stopping along the dam. As we implement additional security measures, the road will likely experience temporary closures again. We can do better at providing advance notice, and we will try to schedule our work so that it occurs with minimum disruption to peak traffic flow.

Again, we regret any inconvenience our road closures have caused. At times we must balance the convenience of the community against the heightened security demanded for this water storage facility. We hope the community can appreciate the difficulties of finding the proper point of balance.

Finally, we apologize for the comments and actions of one of our Dillon employees.

His verbal characterization was inappropriate, and action has been initiated to ensure that such behavior does not occur in the future.

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