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A-List Blog: God bless Donald Rumsfeld

Alex Miller

I don’t know why I wrote that for the headline to this entry. It seemed catchy, and since people are always accusing us of writing headlines just to “sell” our (free) newspaper, well, there it is.

Fact is, I don’t believe in gods, blessings or anything else, and I think Donald Rumsfeld should be given his walking papers – but who cares what I think? More to the point is the growing chorus of former generals who say the man is a putz who couldn’t win a skirmish against a flock of penguins. But you’ve got to hand it to George Bush, who came right out and said what a great job Rummy is doing, and how he’s the best man for the position at this critical point in our history. (For more on not-so-accurate chummy endorsements from W., start with the infamous Brownie.)

Like a man in a sinking boat who keeps paddling in the same direction even as

people point to the hole in the hull and the rocks ahead, Bush isn’t one to let the facts get in the way of his iron-willed determination to “stay the course” no matter what. But while such stubbornness – cast as strong will and stick-to-itiveness ” might have made good talking points during the election (it apparently worked on half of us), it all rings hollow now. Rummy is just another symptom of the same disease – that of an administration that has its collective head so far up its wazoo that it couldn’t see the right answer it if hit it upside its fool head.

A silly old man so out of touch with the department he leads that one by one, higher-up commanders call for his ouster as soon as they’re retired and beyond the reach of this most vindictive of administrations. (Although watch out, guys: Just ask Joseph Wilson how safe thought he was when he wrote about the canard of Nigerian yellow cake.)

Looking at the big picture, though, what difference does it make whether Donald Rumsfeld or Donald Duck is running the show? Until we pull out of Iraq, it’ll be nothing but a cavalcade of disaster until the whole thing devolves into civil war – if it isn’t there already.

Vail, Colorado

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