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A-List Blog: Hidden faces

Alex Miller

Thumbs-up to Tony Blair for coming out and saying that Muslim women hiding their faces behind veils are distancing themselves from British society. From there, perhaps we can continue pressuring members of this problematic religion to further incorporate themselves into the countries they call home and stop pitting themselves against the world.

Of course, the women are the least of our worries, as we spend hundreds of billions of dollars in the so-called “war on terror” to cope with angry Muslim men whose religious beliefs are, literally, killing us – and themselves.

It’s easy to point to the jihadists and blame them for everything from 9/11 to the ongoing civil war in Iraq. But what of the millions of, “regular” Muslims worldwide who are, for the most part, silent when it comes to criticizing the likes of religiously fueled suicide bombers whose interpretation of the Koran and the Hadith run so contrary to the beliefs of moderate Muslims?

Make no mistake: Christians have been just as wacky in former times, persecuting, torturing, killing, warring and resorting to ugly fundamentalism that leaves no room for those who didn’t believe as they did. And while Christianity still has plenty of nuts on the loose trying to turn the U.S. into a theocracy, at least they have, for the most part, chosen over the centuries to ignore some of the more strident portions of the Bible. Like the Koran, the Old Testament contains instructions about slaying infidels and all manner of bizarre, barbaric practices that have long since been abandoned by mainstream (and even nutbag) Christians.

Time for Muslims to start doing the same, and guess what: It’s not going to come from the angry young men running around Iraq with their hair aflame. It’s going to come from a Muslim woman in Charing Cross taking off her veil and saying “I don’t need this to be a good Muslim woman.” It will come from Muslims in America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia denouncing terrorism and speaking their language by issuing fatwas condemning the use of violence and suicide terrorism to perpetuate the belief that the world will return to the days of Muhammad. They must stop teaching children the extreme version of this religion and help them join the world community of reason.

If that sounds far-fetched, remember how far the Christians have come from the days of the Inquisition or burning witches. Religion is at the root of all of this, and if people are going to persist in believing in such things, the least they can do is keep their views in line with a modern world. Much though I loathed self-righteous organizations like Focus on the Family, I look forward to the day when the Muslims have such windbags. That way, we can simply laugh at them rather than worry that they’re going to blow up our plane to Heathrow.

While we wait for the moderate Muslim world to wake up, the rest of us need to keep the pressure on and stop letting these people scare the crap out of the world with their ancient beliefs and suicidal intolerance.

Vail, Colorado

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