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A-list blog: I-70 crumbles while CDOT fiddles on T-Rex

Alex Miller

Coming back from Denver, have you figured out the tunnel trick nowadays? Whatever you do, make sure you stick to the left lane, since the right is a horribly rutted wagon track that just about jiggles the fillings out of your head.

I understand that times are – or at least were – tough, and that there’s not a lot of spare money to go around. But for Pete’s sake, last I checked, the tunnel is a major feature of a major interstate highway that, some say, is the life’s blood of the Colorado economy. That’s certainly the case for those of us up here in the mountains – and not all the money is flying into the Eagle County airport.

So, a good many folks think the answer to all our I-70 skier-traffic gridlock problems is six-laning the thing from Idaho Springs to Vail. Modest estimates put this job at $170 bazillion, yet we apparently don’t have the coin to put the road we have in decent shape.

This is bad, this road of ours. There are places all through the mountain portion of the interstate that are almost Third Wordly. And I remember a time when they used to repave the highway so often that I used to think sometimes they were doing it unnecessarily.

Those days are long gone, it seems. We don’t often run his column, but the recent submission by State Rep. Gary Lindstrom notes that he’s complained a number of times to CDOT about the problem with no result. (He mentions the tunnel trick as well.)

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I’m going to start looking into it for a story that will run in the Vail Daily in the next week sometime, but it’s not easy to get answers from the imperial crowd at CDOT. They’ve got their deal, their plans, their lists of what’s important, and if ruts and potholes in our neck of the I-70 woods didn’t make the cut, we can go jump in the frozen lake for all they care. Probably what I’ll hear is that if only those darn voters had approved Referendum D last fall, we’d be sitting pretty.

Well, we didn’t, for good or bad, but CDOT, the roads are your responsibility, and not every dime should be going to T-Rex. If we don’t see some crews out there patching and repaving come May, we’re going to be marching on the capitol and stuff.

…or at least writing irate blog entries about it.

Vail, Colorado

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