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A-List Blog: What’s up on the right?

Alex Miller

Nothing quiets a stadium down like the home-team’s quarterback throwing an interception that goes for a touchdown. The quiet stadium on the national front is the vast right wing, which rose so loftily to power since 2000 only to be crushed by the Iraq war, rampant scandals and too much emphasis on catering to the fringe.

So, I’ve been wondering what people on the right are thinking and feeling these days. I’ve seen a few columns and letters here and there, but mostly they’re silent, licking their wounds, I supposed, and relishing the hope that the Democrats will soon screw up and unloose the hounds of gloating. Some would even like to think that the midterm losses were a gift, since now the Dems will be more saddled with all that’s wrong in the country and the GOP will have more stuff to hang on them during the 2008 presidential.

For me, the sad part is that I either don’t know many conservatives or am wary of talking to them about politics. My father is right of Rush, but we’ve learned that talking politics is a zero-sum game that only ends up with us straining our relationship. My sister, whose husband is a commander in the Navy, espouses the typical views of a family that relies on the right-enabled U.S. military for its bread and butter – and I love her too much to jeopardize our relationship over topics neither of us can control anyway.

Many of the issues that form the chasm between left and right are almost besides the point when looking at this national split we’ve somehow created. If the Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq are slaughtering each other over some theological question concerning Muhammad’s line of succession in the seventh century (or whatever), think about the things that drive us Americans apart: a collection of cells in a test tube, immigrants here illegally, a woman’s right to choose, etc. Important issues no doubt, but how many of us really deal with those questions on a daily basis? Wouldn’t it be wonderful, I can’t help but think, if somehow the Democrats and the Administration could spend the next two years focusing on the things that matter more to the quotidian American: jobs, health care, education, our crumbling infrastructure, alternative energy and the like?

Or can we do any of that while the shadow of Iraq looms so large 24/7?

So what do you righties think of promoting a little unity to take care of some business here at home? Real business, I mean, not building a stupid fence at the border that will accomplish nothing but to placate the Tancredo faction. Can it be done? Isn’t it worth it? Can y’all set aside the hate and name-calling (expecting Dems and progressives can do the same) in favor of productive dialogue?

Just wondering. And while you’re at it, if there’s any righties out there still thinking invading Iraq was a good idea, I’d like to know why. We now have the benefit of a lot of hindsight, it’s an unmitigated disaster, so how could you still defend it? And wouldn’t it be great to have had that half-trillion dollars or so to spend on Americans in America???

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