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A look at the next 25 years

Daily Staff Report

KEYSTONE – A conference scheduled for Keystone Tuesday aims to take a look 25 years into the future in the resort region from Aspen to Grand Lake.Titled “Visions, Vistas and Viewpoints: Imagining our Mountain Communities in 2030,” the conference will explore the demographic, economic, environmental and cultural dimensions of change.Eagle County’s population, for example, has more than quadrupled since 1980 and is now nudging 50,000, and another 38,000 are predicted to move into the area over the next quarter-century. Jobs are expected grow even more rapidly, and this population assumes that 33,000 people will be commuting into the county, whereas even a few years ago fewer than a thousand a day commuted into the county.Jim Westkott, Colorado’s state demographer, forecasts similar trends for the region from Aspen to Grand Lake.Westkott will discuss his demographic projections at the meeting. Other presenters include Bill Kendall of the Center for Business & Economic Forecasting, Linda Venturoni, special projects director for the Northwest Colorado Council of Governments, Terry Minger of the Center for Resource Management, Jim White, director of the Environmental Studies Program at the University of Colorado-Boulder, Dave Merritt, chief engineer with the Colorado River Water Conservation District, and Randy Udall of the Roaring Fork Valley’s Community Office for Resource Efficiency.For a registration form, go to the Northwest Colorado Council of Governments Web site: http://www.nwc.cog.co.us If registration can not be done on-line of if for more information, call 970.468.0295, ext. 101.Vail, Colorado

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