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A mirage

The developers’ argument that they might use the water in the Eagle Park reservoir is kind of like robbing snowmaking to keep box stores in business. When you have a finite resource like water, there must ultimately be choices made.

Will we have to someday choose between snowmaking and box stores? If the consensus of the Avon town government goes toward box stores, then we have a situation here.

My feeling is the village is now the tail wagging the dog, as far as Avon is concerned. The Village at Avon is proceeding like an out-of-control train bearing down on the quality of life here. If you hit the emergency brake on a train thats moving 80 mph, its going to derail all over the place. The question isn’t whether there is a train wreck about to occur somehwere along those unused tracks along the river, just whose train is going to win.

It’s also rather interesting that the developer is paying Sema Construction Co. some massive bonuses to speed up the timetable on that project. (That’s confirmed by people at Sema by the way and evidenced by the possible early opening noted recently by the Daily.)

Sometimes the biggest train going the fastest wins. And a train wreck on Yoder Avenue? Unthinkable! The entire plan for the future of the Village at Avon needs to be reviewed, and if it is found that there just isn’t enough water in the driest of years (and we know to the gallon how much that is based on last summer), then the whole thing needs to be scrapped and drastically downsized and the developers told tough luck and turn the remainder of the space into open space and wildlife habitiat.

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