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A model of decency

Don Rogers

However the case plays out, as Kobe Bryant prepared to star in a playoff game Monday for his Los Angeles Lakers, his alleged victim’s mom stood up for her daughter and thanked her publicly for “teaching me about courage.”

Mom spoke briefly at a crime victims’ rights rally in Denver attended by more substantial luminaries than athletic “heroes” – mayors and district attorneys and such, along with crime victims and advocates for them.

Colorado has endured a veritable onslaught of rape accusations, between Bryant’s “mistake” in Cordillera and scandals at the Air Force Academy and with the University of Colorado football team. It all has a sick Neanderthal quality to it, at best.

All the worse that the these scandals involve Bryant, living a squeaky clean lie as a McDonald’s pitchman; Coach Barnett, supposed clean-cut disciplinarian; and the Air Force Academy – the Air Force Academy!

By contrast, Mom standing tall for her daughter shames them all with a resolute decency.

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Run that picture on your cover, Globe.

Drop in bucket

Hard to imagine a $5,625 advertising bill causing enough of a fuss in the county commissioners’ chambers to merit speeches by supporters, a two-page dissertation on why the money would be a poor investment or the by now all too familiar charges of conflict of interest rising up yet again. All this over Commissioners Gallagher and Stone voting to advertise in Michael Cacioppo’s Speakout over Commissioner Menconi ‘s objection. The county spends over $100,000 annually on that other company’s papers.

This is not a big deal.

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