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A natural at cleaning

Daily Staff Report
Shane Macomber/smacomber@vaildaily.comTim Szurgot is owner and operator of Organic Housekeepers LLC, a company offering cleaning services using strictly nontoxic and biodegradable cleaning products.

Organic Housekeepers offers residential, commercial and post-construction cleaning services using strictly nontoxic, biodegradable and natural cleaning products. We tackle any cleaning job, from windows to hardwood floors to cubicles. And in addition, we can ready your rental unit for weekly turn-over by cleaning the linens, removing trash and recycling.

We also offer a consulting service, helping many of our clients to become more green. Organic Housekeepers can explain how to reduce the amount of garbage you or your business produces, how to compost your kitchen waste and how to change your household products so they reflect your concern for the environment.

It’s easy to differentiate Organic Housekeepers from standard cleaners in the Vail Valley ” just take a deep breath. We refuse to use cleaning products that burn the nose and crack the skin. Ammonia- and chlorine-based products are bad for your health, your children’s health and the well-being of your pets. Organic Housekeepers uses cleaning products that smell of the garden” not the laboratory. Lavender, lemon, rose petals, baking soda and vinegar are more effective than commercial products and are socially conscious.

Being owner and operator, my management style is hands-on. I check each cleaning to ensure a top-notch job. As my nickname Captain Vacuum indicates, my standard for cleaning is high. I also happen to be very tall, allowing me a bird’s eye view on all the dirt.

What philosophy do you follow in dealing with your customers?

Home and business owners want professional and thorough cleaners. When I do a free estimate, I communicate with my client to understand exactly what areas they want me to concentrate on ” whether it’s the wood blinds or the hot tub or the tile floors. I educate customers on our products.

I also understand that trust is a crucial factor in a cleaning business. That’s why I personally handle all new accounts, meeting my clients and giving a familiar face to the business.

I grew up in a family that has always used green cleaning products. My mother started the recycling program in northwest Indiana. My father has been called “The Duke of Disinfecting.” I am still shocked when I walk through the cleaning aisle in the grocery store: mainstream cleaning products can be lethal.

I believe people in the mountains care about the environment. They care about what they breathe and what’s on their skin, on their children’s skin, on their pet’s skin and on their workers’ skin. I see a necessary market for an eco-friendly cleaner. America has gotten so far away from natural when it comes to cleaning that they accept chlorine and ammonia into their homes. But what most people don’t know, is if you mix ammonia and chlorine bleach ” as many toilet bowl cleaners do ” it produces chloramine gas which can penetrate deep into the lungs and damage tissue.

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