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A neighborly affair

Venus Vail Valley

Q: My boyfriend’s ex moved in next door and though she’s nice, I am not happy about it.A: Boy that’s rough! I guess making the best of it is your only hope for a good night sleep. First thing is to make friends with her because I’ll bet you are a lot alike and will find many things in common but remember to leave your boyfriend out of the conversation. What you don’t need is to hear about their relationship: what she did, what he did and all the gory details of their romance. This information will only upset you and cause problems in your relationship. Your curiosity will try to find out why she ended up living right next door so whatever you do, don’t ask her. Eventually she will tell you but if you ask her then you look like a jealous jerk. And if you are the jealous, suspicious type then look at making friends with her as a way to keep an eye on them both. No matter what, she has moved in and there is nothing you can do anything about it so get on with your life and knock on her door with a nice bottle of wine and welcome her to the neighborhood.Q: I want to give my girlfriend a promise ring but I don’t want her to feel like I want to marry her.A: If you don’t want to marry her don’t give her any kind of ring not even an onion ring! What are you thinking? Buying a woman ANY kind of jewelry means real commitment even if it’s some silly cheap thing you picked up at the Saturday flea market. I had a guy give me a mood ring, it was in a box and he made this big presentation. Maybe he wanted to marry me and was just testing to see what I’d say. You see, we women believe there are hidden meanings to just about everything and giving jewelry means the relationship has gone to a different level of commitment. So don’t do it if you don’t want to marry her it will just get her all excited and happy. You are better off buying her a new snowboard because then she’ll think that you love her and it wont start the wedding march in her head!Write to valley_venus@hotmail.com you will remain anonymous.

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