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A new message is heard

Carlos Abel

Open letter to Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain:

In few occasions, I have voiced my opinion as member of our middle class; it was to open letters, published in Summit Daily and Vail Daily.

I was whining about the lack of constructive messages in recent political campaigns. I was also asking, almost begging, for a constructive message.

In his acceptance speech, Mr. Obama showed a new way to do politics, I heard a message that I consider has hope for us the middle class. I heard a request for unions and a request of active action from us also.

I promise to do my part.

Through this letter, we as the middle class, dare you and beg you at the same time, Mr. McCain, to please use a new way to do politics, to take the lead in a constructive speech.

Please let us know what is your plan to meet our nation’s needs, and please tell us how to help in that way as well. We need hope and we need to see a future for us and for our families.

Please teach us and the young generation with a new constructive, positive and encouraging message that there is “a new way to do politics.”

You have the choice to do a nasty campaign, but who is going to win with that? And what are we going to win with that? Desperation? Frustration? Fear?

Again, please, use all your experience, your wisdom, and your supporters’ support to give us a constructive, positive message that can bring some hope to the future.

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