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A New Perspective: Acknowledge the people around you

Catherine Zeeb
Eagle County CO, Colorado
Columnist Cathy Zeeb

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado ” Everyone wants to be acknowledged. Everyone wants to know that they matter. Acknowledging another human being is the simplest form of appreciation and gratitude that they exist. From your best friend and family members to the person begging for money on the street corner, they each deserve recognition.

With the holidays upon us, have you turned to those you know and those you don’t and honestly said “hello, how are you?”

No matter what your life situation, you can take a moment to acknowledge those around you. When you walk into Wal-Mart you are greeted (usually) with “Welcome to WalMart” because they understand the need to recognize each and every person. They understand that all people like to be acknowledged just for being alive.

When was the last time you truly appreciated the fact that we are all here for a purpose? Every person, every animal and every tree is here to cohabitate.

Appreciation of all living beings is essential for the preservation of our humanity.

YOU are a child of God. YOU are the Buddha. YOU are perfection. And so is everyone and everything else. There is no difference between you and me other than obvious physical characteristics and the choices we make based on our personality (ego). To remember that we, and all others, are divine and perfect is not arrogant, it’s humble. To believe that you and others are anything other than divine is arrogant because it implies that you are something other than a creation of spirit.

We are all the spokes of the wheel. We radiate from the same center and create this amazing thing called humanness. No one spoke is separate. The love in one of us is the same love in the rest of us. When we believe we are separate we believe we stand alone, that we are different. Understanding that everyone deserves recognition acknowledges that we are one indivisible, divine mind.

Children love to be recognized. When you see a baby and they smile at you for no reason, they are seeing you as one of them. They are not seeing what you’ve done in your life. They are not seeing what color you are or an illness you may have. The beauty of children is that they can connect with their source easily.

Acknowledge those around you and smile, say hello or at minimum, hold the door for them. Expect nothing in return. Giving from your understanding of our connectedness requires nothing back. It is a gift to your own soul to know that we are all one and that all deserve recognition.

With the holidays upon us, be grateful for the connection of humanity. Be grateful for the fact that we are all here to help one another. When loneliness feels like it has a hold on you, remember that you are never alone. Our connectedness and the fact that we are one with our source means we’re never separate. Recognizing another person’s existence may just help with their loneliness. It could be the best gift you ever give.

Enjoy this holiday season and carry the energy of love, compassion and acknowledgement into the coming year. Try compassion ” it’s a beautiful thing and so is everyone and everything around us.

Catherine Zeeb holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Metaphysics. She has a private therapy practice in Edwards. You can visit her Web site at http://www.healing-spirits.net.

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