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A New Perspective: Commit to spiritual development

Columnist Cathy Zeeb

VAIL, Colorado ” “It is better to become a Buddha than to study Buddhism.” ” Jack Kornfield

It is better to merge with your Higher Power than to engage in endless discussions about it. Are you committed to your spiritual work? Are you committed to your soul?

Are you committed to making whatever changes you need to make to feel better, to make your marriage work, to change an addiction or to do one small change so that your life is easier?

Commitment is not easy. Commitment to change is challenging at best and difficult at worst. Before we make a commitment to change something in our life, we need to take a look at our fears and expectations. Once we make a commitment to our life and realize that things will be different, we have a tendency to be afraid. Who will we be if we commit and then things change? Change can be scary.

Committing to spiritual development is necessary if you want things to be different. If what you are doing now or how you are living isn’t working, then it’s time to jump in and commit to trying something new. A commitment to one part of your soul could change your whole life in a beautiful, loving and peaceful way. It doesn’t have to be as hard as your ego tries to convince you it is.

Commitment to your soul work is one of the most beautiful, selfish and inspiring things you will ever do for yourself. Beautiful in that you will find your truth and learn to love it. Selfish in that you will learn to always take care of your soul first and foremost before just giving parts of yourself away. Inspiring in that you may just feel so good that you choose to feel that way more and more throughout your days.

You may notice that you feel challenged to change something in your life. This challenge is the trigger we need to move forward. If we face this challenge with fear and stubborn indignation, not much will happen; we will remain right where we are. If we face this challenge with courage, we may discover a clearer view of our lives.

We have to commit to the change. Commitment is the key. You must commit to change anything in your life. It will not happen just because you think it is a good idea. You have to implement the change into your life and learn to live the change. You need to choose this new way and live it in each moment you can until it becomes you.

Last is ownership of the change. This is the change that you integrate into your life.

You must own, accept and become the change. This is harder than you think but without owning it, accepting it and becoming it, your ego is trying to hold onto the old you. Change requires that we tame the ego and allow new parts of us to be exposed.

Owning the change may shock your friends and family because they are used to your old ways and now you may be showing a change of pace, but they’ll get used to it and they may like it. If they don’t, you have to remember that it’s not about them, it’s about you; you have to like yourself first and foremost.

Commit one day at a time, to do more, to give your soul attention and to learn to honor changes as they occur ” one by one. Work daily on the commitment and learn to appreciate the small advances. Make a commitment to your soul and be the observer of your life.

Catherine Zeeb holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Metaphysics. She has a private therapy practice in Edwards. You can visit her Web site at http://www.healing-spirits.net.

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