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A New Perspective: The spirituality of politics

Catherine Zeeb
Vail CO, Colorado
Columnist Cathy Zeeb

I once participated in a six week tele-class from a popular, spiritual speaker which started just before the 2004 elections and ended shortly thereafter. There was no discussion about the election until the night of the election results. There were statements made by many in the class about how horrible the results were, how life would be ruined from that day forward, etc. Even the teacher participated in the feelings of ruin. I was disappointed that there was no discussion of hope or acceptance for what is.

Every election year tensions rise. People argue about which party is right and who the perfect person will be to run our country. There will always be those who are disappointed by the election results. But the results will be the results. Reactions vary, but what good does it do to run around being angry?

Let’s take a look at how we can view politics with a spiritual mind. All things happen for a reason. There are things that we will never understand why they happen as they do. If all things really do happen for a reason, then we must believe that this person was placed into office for a reason. The reasons can be that the country is supposed to learn something from this person, or this is what the country needs for a reason we are not aware of yet, or maybe this person will do some amazing and wonderful things for the country.

Once the votes are counted and the new president is chosen, all we can do is move forward. We can ask that the new president is surrounded in light ” be it the light of divine, of God, of Buddha, of whatever power is bigger than all of us. We ask that this new person who will be running our country and affecting our lives is surrounded and protected by the same higher power that protects us.

We ask that the new president make choices that are good for us and for our country. We ask that they be guided by the light and not by their ego. We ask that they follow their spiritual path. We ask they hold the light within.

Now that we’ve done everything we can to assure ourselves that our new president is well taken care of in respect to being filled with light and support from all of us, we can move on in our own lives. If we sit around and feel angry and disappointed, possibly betrayed, then we are not serving ourselves or our country. We are stopping the flow of light by remaining angry.

If the world were to come to an end tomorrow, would you want to be surrounded by the light of divine or by the darkness of fear in your last moments? There’s no comparing a new president to the end of the world, but I’m using this as an example of how seriously many people take the elections. If we hold the light in every situation in our lives, then we are doing everything we can to assist and support what is. This moves the energy of anger into the light where the anger cannot reside or survive.

Anger sits in fear. Light sits in love. Which are you sitting in?

Catherine Zeeb holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Metaphysics. She has a private therapy practice in Edwards and teaches Metaphysics at Colorado Mountain College in Edwards. You can visit her Web site at http://www.healing-spirits.net.

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