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A New Perspective: Trust the light within yourself

Columnist Cathy Zeeb

“The Light and the Breath is home. It is where everything manifests from and everything returns to.”

” The Tibetan Book of the Dead

The light is peace. The light is divine. The light is God. The light is Buddha. The light is universe. The light is love. The light is compassion. The light is breath. The light is kindness. The light is soul.

The more light, the better. How do we get the light? We already have it. We just have to remember that we have it and learn to pay attention to it. The light exists within each and every one of us all the time; even within those who make you mad. While they are living in their personality, which may be filled with anger in the moment, they are still filled with the light.

The personality is filled with ego, it is important to remember that. The personality is what reflects our soul and our ego. It is the part of us that shines our light, our soul, into the world and it is also the part of us that shows the world our dark side and the part of us we think people want to see.

The light is the unknown place within us. It is the area that the cognitive part of us cannot comprehend. Our minds want to understand and know what the unknown is ” we have inquisitive and researching minds. Your light vibrates to your consciousness. If you meditate or breathe into your light throughout your day, your light will expand. If you believe it does not exist, it will not expand (at least not with your intention), yet it will always be there.

The light within us holds peace, compassion, kindness, grace, gratitude and love. The personality, when reflecting our ego, reflects who we think we are in the world, our thoughts of anger, hatred, jealousy and fear. These are lower frequencies of energy. When we pay attention to our light and our soul, we begin to raise our frequency to a higher level. If you are around people who you think “drain your energy,” it means that you have lowered your own energy to match theirs and it drains you. If you learn to keep your vibration higher, keeping your light full, you will not take on the lower energies.

Light is consciousness. By choosing your level of consciousness, by choosing what emotions serve you, by choosing what you will allow in your life, you determine the quality of your light. The speed of the light that emanates from your soul is instantaneous. The energy of the physical body does not vibrate in the same speed as light travels. If our light is strong, we will vibrate that light from within into the world.

Every decision you makes moves you toward your soul or toward the ego personality. Do you choose to learn through love, through the light, or do you choose to learn through the pain of the ego? This is your free will. This is your choice.

It is so freeing to learn through your soul. Moving your ego out of the way and trusting the light within expands your light. It is like exercising ” the more you do it the healthier the muscle gets. It’s the same for your light ” work on giving it attention and intention and watch it expand. Your soul will thank you and you will benefit from your own light.

Catherine Zeeb holds a doctorate of philosophy in metaphysics. She has a private therapy practice in Edwards. You can visit her Web site at http://www.healing-spirits.net.

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