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A new restaurant in Vail – that also shows movies

Krista Driscoll
Vail, CO Colorado
NWS Cinebistro 1 DT 7-19-10

VAIL, Colorado – With a full bar, a menu that includes ahi tuna and buffalo tenderloin and numbered, plush chairs complete with individual swivel dining trays, Cinebistro is not your average cinematic adventure.

Opening Friday in the Solaris building in Vail Village, Cinebistro is first a restaurant and lounge and then a theater. In fact, guests are invited to come in and dine in the lounge even if they aren’t in the mood for a movie. Conversely, patrons are not required to order food or drinks when attending a show.

For those wishing to take it all in, Cinebistro isn’t just a movie and a snack – it’s an experience.

Moviegoers are encouraged to arrive 30 minutes before the start of the show. They are met at the door by a concierge, who walks them through the entire Cinebistro experience, starting with purchasing and locating their seats. All of the theater seats are numbered and assigned.

“It’s like an airplane,” said Michelle Gistaro, a server at the theater.

Tickets also can be purchased online prior to the show. Once seats have been located, servers arrive to take dinner and drink orders. Unlike most restaurants, meals are not served in courses. Drinks, appetizers and main courses all arrive at the same time. Only the desserts are delayed in the kitchen.

“We do all of this so once the feature has started, we can stop service,” General Manager Vincent Vigliotti said. “We don’t want to interrupt your experience.”

Once the movie previews start, service in the theater begins to taper off, with the goal of having all of the servers vacate the room by the time the movie starts.

For those who don’t have time to place an order prior to the start of the movie, the entire menu is available at the theater’s snack bar. Diners are given buzzing pagers that signal when their food is ready to be picked up.

Cinebistro offers a wide variety of dishes, including Colorado lamb and a few vegetarian options. Appetizers start at $9, and entrees range from $16 to $27. Salads, sandwiches and desserts round out the menu, which also features specialty cocktails and a full wine list. A childrens’ menu also is available.

“Everything is made in house with fresh ingredients,” said David Kempner, Cinebistro’s chef.

Full menus are available online at http://www.cobbcinebistro.com.

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