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A pricey departure

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Vail CO, Colorado

There aren’t too many of us who would be paid nearly $300,000 to quit.

The Eagle County School Board’s decision to pay John Brendza $290,000 in return for his resignation certainly prompts some questions.

Why is one of the most important public officials in our county receiving such a generous severance package?

Why is Brendza sticking around to consult the district when both agree that there needs to be someone unstressed and “fresh” guiding the district?

It also brings up a few more questions. Why are so many administrators leaving the school district? Brendza joins three other administrators who have left the Eagle County School District in the past year.

And where is the district going to get the money to pay an exiting superintendent for a year while trying to lure a new chief capable of leading a district divided over a controversial teacher advancement program with a growing immigrant population and high community expectations?

The taxpayers funding this goodbye present will probably never know the answers to these questions. Law protects personnel files, even of public employees. But it sure would be nice if our school board would let us know what’s guiding their decisions.

” Tamara Miller for the Editorial Board

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