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‘A proper rock show’ in Avon

Geoff Mintznewsroom@vaildaily.com
Jackie Greene photographed in San Francisco, CA January 6, 2010©Jay Blakesberg/Retna LTD.

Jackie Greene is a guy more concerned with where he’s going than where he’s been. Playing a show at Agave in Avon Saturday, Greene’s sound is a mix of rock, folk, country and blues traditions – a combination that culminates into a pretty fun show. “It’s probably going to be like a proper rock show,” Greene said. “There will be some fast stuff, some slow stuff, some covers, some guitar solos, loud drums and probably a topless moment or two – you know, proper.”Growing up in a small, rural town in Northern California, Greene discovered the lost sides of Hank Williams, Ray Charles, Leadbelly and Muddy Waters. His roots twist to create a unique sound, combining the introspectiveness of an engaging songwriter with the energy of a “chemically charged” rock band.”Americana is sort of a generic term that encapsulates all American musical styles. Rhythm and blues, folk, country, jazz, bluegrass. I think of it as roots rock and roll, I guess,” said Greene, who has released six alblums. Some people have compared the multi-instrumentalist to the great Bob Dylan, but it’s an assessment he dismisses. “I’m just sort of sick of being the kid with the harmonica rack. I don’t want to be Bob Dylan,” Greene said. “The music has evolved in the exact same way my interests have evolved. It’s difficult to pinpoint, as it’s an ever-changing thing. Technology has not played a role in how I make music. If anything, I shy away from it more and more.” Greene has collaborated on stage with some pretty legit names, such as Phil Lesh (& Friends) Bob Weir with Rat Dog, Further (the latest installment of the Dead), Warren Haynes’ Gov’t Mule, Levon Helm and toured acoustically with Tim Bluhm under the Skinny Singers moniker. He said playing with the living legends of the Grateful Dead is pretty cool.”I am a Grateful Dead fan – a relatively new one, but a fan nonetheless,” he said. “Both Bob and Phil are wonderful humans and extraordinary musicians, pretty unique characters, to boot. Playing music with them is really a treat.”

What: Jackie Greene; The Jason Spooner trio opens.Where: Agave, Avon. When: 10 p.m. Saturday.Cost: $12 at the door.More information: Call 970-748-8666.

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