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A real field of dreams

Don Rogers

Steve Whitehead has hit a home run with his field of dreams. He’s Kevin Costner, only for real. And the teenage players in his backyard baseball diamond are real, too. And improving.All this and a batting cage and basketball court in the barn, with stocked fridge and a mom’s touch to boot, with Sally Whitehead to look after this brood.Where were these folks when we were kids?Gypsum, at least in the Mayne Street neighborhood, is a baseball mecca this summer for teen-age athletes. We’ll bet that kids who otherwise might stray from the national pastime have another reason to put on the spikes and make like the Splendid Splinter. (That’s Ted Williams, in case skiing and kayaking have eroded your memory for nicknames of the greats in the game.)Who knows, this group of Senior All-Stars, including son Nick Whitehead, that most uses the facilities could be The One. Eagle Valley High School has knocked on the state championship door for so long, most recently under the coaching of Robert Ellsworth. However the games go, though, the Whiteheads and the kids who helped build the field have provided something far more important. That would be a place for these kids to go, and memories that you bet, they’ll last these kids’ lifetimes.10 years’ serviceHabitat for Humanity is celebrating 10 years in Eagle and Lake counties with a picnic at Eagle Valley Elementary School on Saturday.They also will mark their 10th home and 10,000 volunteers since 1995.That’s worth a celebration for sure. Vail, colorado

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