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A rising star comes to Vail

Charlie OwenVail CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily

Celebrating ones death while theyre still alive. Its such a bizarre concept but it makes perfect sense for a beautiful, dark-comedy like The Living Wake. In the movie a small-town eccentric, K. Roth Binew, spends his final day inviting everyone he knows to help celebrate his living wake, after which he will end his life. Jesse Eisenberg plays Binews only friend and personal biographer, Mills Joquin, who shuttles him around town on a rickshaw and defends him from his enemys taunts. Eisenbergs character is the yin to Binews yang a role that allowed him to really flex his creative muscles. While sitting in Central Park, he took the time to answer some questions about The Living Wake and what winning the Vail Film Festivals Rising Star Award means to him.

Jesse Eisenberg: Being in a community that fosters art and stuff, its easier to get into the arts than, you know, than coming from the middle of the country maybe where its kind of less convenient to do it in a professional way.

JE: That script, I read like three pages of (it) and I thought this was a great thing … Its so cleverly written and I thought it was so unique … and that character is so wonderful.

JE: You can do anything in a movie like that where the audience has no expectations for what the character is supposed to do because its such a unique movie. You get to do anything as an actor because youre really in control, you know, and a lot of movies that have kind of more mainstream characters and plot lines youre at the mercy of … those kind of specific plot points you have to hit.

JE: Something like 20 days, which is pretty short but not atypical for a movie of that size.

JE: I had more fun with that role than Ive ever had cause it was so freeing. It was so much fun, I mean because the script was so funny and so clever so I felt like anything I could do wouldnt really screw it up that much because it was such a brilliant script.

JE: It feels OK I think, just so I dont have to be a falling star at some point in the future when we decide its not going as well. Will you be back for the Falling Star Award? So its an honor … it feels great. Im happy people are seeing that movie because its such a unique movie … Im honored to receive an award I guess.High Life Writer Charlie Owen can be reached at 748-2939 or cowen@vaildaily.com.

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