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A root reason for child tax

Steve Gall

In the past month, we all watched in astonishment as several tragic high school shooting incidents unfolded. Children died. Adults committed suicide. One incident was too close to home, the others too close to home for those victims, their families and their communities. Let’s fast-forward to the follow-up coverage of each of these. We witness numerous talking heads asking numerous expert psychologists if murderous acts like these we’ve just witnessed could have been prevented. To a person, each of the professionals acknowledged that these tragedies could have been prevented had the perpetrators had intervention earlier in their development. Hmmm. They continue: “Had the persons who committed these attacks been set on the right path when they were younger, chances are these attacks could have and would have been prevented. It’s all about values which are instilled at a very young age, and so on. … ” Hmmm again. It seems clear to me we’ve identified a part of the root cause. That’s a lack of early childhood development. A lack of steering, sculpting and nurturing. Call it what you will, no one can realize too much of this in the crucial developmental years. Contrarily, you can have too little. Common sense tells me, and I am far from a “let’s simply spend for the good of the matter” liberal, that Referendum 1A can help us intervene positively in the earlier development years of our children. Simply put, a sound investment. A great return on the dollar. How can you argue against a great investment return?In reference to 1A , we’ve all been reading headlines derived from talks from experts in childhood development such as, “You can pay me now or pay me later,” and “Why are we willing to spend millions on prisons to house criminals, but not spending the same to prevent people from becoming criminals?” I couldn’t agree more. We have the opportunity to put a dent in the perpetual cycle by taking a little dose of preventative medicine ourselves. Granted, not every child is going to develop into a hardened criminal if we, as decision makers, don’t pass this initiative, but that’s not the crux of the matter. What price can we put on human life or the quality of human life? When events such as those realized lately, let alone those we never hear about unfold, we stand back wringing our hands telling ourselves and hearing others tell us yes, it could have been prevented! That’s the crux of the matter! Who wouldn’t want to prevent a child from digressing into someone less than their full potential? So let’s get to the heart of the matter when it comes to our children’s upbringing! I don’t know a single parent who doesn’t want to get or give their children the finest upbringing they possibly can. It is with this innate human trait that those of us who are parents desire to see every one of our children, along with their friends, be successful and happy during these early influential years.Getting behind 1A lets your friends and neighbors know you desire to be part of a community willing to continue to be concerned about the quality of life and a community willing to invest in our children – who, like it or not, will become adults. In most cases, us to a great degree. How can we help them? Vote yes on 1A.Steve Gall is the publisher of the Vail Daily.

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