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A salute to the people of the valley

Tom Boyd

What is a town without its people?Easy answer: Not much.In this little town we have characters of a hundred sorts: the odd, the irascible, the elegant, the pure, the strong, the mischievous, the charitable, the agitated, the brilliant, the cold, the kind, the beautiful and, of course, the athletic.And there are some that fit all of those descriptions and more.This is the time of the year when things quiet down (though they don’t quiet down near as much as they used to). Many of the second-home owners are away for the month, and many of the tourists are hard at work at home (saving up money to come back and visit us again, we hope). The distractions of a bustling valley fade away, and we have a bit of time to look around, relax, enjoy our surroundings and get together with old friends.You may have noticed that, over the past year, The Vail Trail has renewed its commitment to profiling the people of this town in our very popular section called “High Country Characters.”Now The Vail Trail is starting High County Character Month, a month where we get together with old friends, and focus on the people who make this place an interesting, vibrant community. We’re bringing High Country Characters from the back of the book to the front page, where each week we will feature people who have helped shape this valley, or is helping to shape its future.We couldn’t help it we had to open with Packy Walker.We think he fits pretty well with the “odd” and “irascible” descriptions above, but he’s got many of the other attributes as well, and there’s more to Packy than you may realize. He’s also the main player in more stories than anybody may have guessed.A lot of people may not be big fans of our “mud season,” but here at The Vail Trail it’s one of our favorite seasons. We get to take more time doing the things we love most, and top among that is getting inside the lives of the people in this town. The message behind this month of stories is simple: We are a strong community and we always have been.If you want to share stories about our High Country Characters that we may have missed, send me an email; we’d love to hear from you. And if there are people out there who you feel have done more for this valley than anyone may realize, send us an email telling us about this person and why you think they deserve a pat on the back.It’s spring again. The rivers are rising and the snow is melting. Everything human has slowed down, and everything in nature has gained its vernal momentum. The superficial elements of resort-town living have been stripped away, and the connections that hold us together all year round are laid bare.This is the time of year where this place feels most like home.See you soon. VTTom Boyd can be reached for comment at tboyd@vailtrail.com.

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