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A seafood buyer’s guide

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In response to the crisis facing the world’s oceans today, a coalition of foundations (The Oak Foundation, The Pew Charitable Trusts, The Rockefeller Brothers Fund, The Rockefeller Family Fund, The Surdna Foundation, and The Turner Foundation) created Oceana as an international marine protection organization designed to address marine problems from every angle.With the consumption of fish and seafood on the rise, many consumers are unaware that several popular species are either over-fished or caught in a manner that endangers companion species (such as dolphins, sea turtles and waterfowl), and damages sea floor environments vital for the survival of all water-living creatures.The Monterey Bay Aquarium has produced the following chart that lists which fish are safe to eat from an environmental standpoint.Best ChoicesCatfish (farmed)Caviar (farmed)Clams (farmed)Crab, DungenessCrab, Snow (Canada)Crab, StoneHalibut, Pacific (U.S., Canada)Lobster, Spiny (U.S., Australia)Mussels (farmed)Oysters (farmed)Salmon (wild-caught AK)SardinesShrimp (trap-caught)Striped Bass (farmed)Sturgeon (farmed)Tilapia (farmed)Trout, Rainbow (farmed)Tuna, Albacore (troll/pole-caught)Tuna, Bigeye (troll/pole-caught)Tuna, Skipjack (troll/pole-caught)Tuna, Yellowfin (troll/pole-caught)Good AlternativesClams (wild-caught)Cod (Pacific)Crab, BlueCrab, Imitation/SurimiCrab, King (AK)Crab, Snow (U.S.)Flounders, Summer/FlukeLobster, American/MaineMahi mahi/Dolphinfish/DoradoOysters (wild-caught)PollockScallops, BayScallops, Sea (Northeast U.S.,Canada)Shrimp (U.S. farmed or trawl-caught)Soles, English/Dover/Petrale/Rex (Pacific)SquidSwordfish (U.S.)Tuna, Albacore (U.S. longline-caught)Tuna, Bigeye (U.S. longline-caught)Tuna, CannedTuna, Yellowfin (U.S. longline-caught)AvoidCaviar (wild-caught)Chilean Seabass/ToothfishCod (Atlantic)Crab, King (Imported)Flounders, except Summer/Fluke (Atlantic)GroupersHalibut, Atlantic (U.S., Canada)MonkfishOrange RoughyRockfish (trawl-caught Pacific)Salmon (farmed)SharksShrimp (Imported farmed or trawl-caught)Snapper, Red/Vermilion (U.S.)Soles (Atlantic)Sturgeon (Imported wild-caught)Swordfish (Imported)Tuna, Bluefin

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