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A seat at the table

Jim Lamont

The following is the final installment from the Vail Village Homeowners Association 2005 Annual Long Report to the association’s membership and constituencies. The full report can be obtained on the association’s Web site http://www.vailhomeowners.comPres-ident’s message: One only has to walk around Vail to understand the significant changes effecting the community. More than $1 billion in redevelopment and infrastructure changes are either in process or on the planning tables. When all these changes are complete what will Vail look like? Will it still be the place we want to spend our time? Will it still protect our investment? Will Vail continue to be a community which respects open space and maintains high standards of design and planning? We must ensure that during this process of much needed improvements, that the basic character, ambiance, and financial health of our community is maintained. It is well past time that we address the limits to growth. Are the incentives to encourage economic development by deregulation of the community’s growth control regulations too aggressive? Have we allowed buildings to become too tall and their density too extreme? Is development paying it way through the payment of adequate impact fees? Are we addressing those issues, which clearly threaten the community such as noise and other environmental problems created by Interstate 70? These are some of the issues we believe the community should address in the coming months ahead. While many of Vail’s most impressive aspects are quantifiable, its finest qualities are not. The Vail Village Homeowners Association is the voice of public advocacy seeking to protect these tangible and intangible values, qualities that everyone with roots in the community appreciates. The Vail Village Homeowners Association has been in the forefront to ensure that Vail maintains the amenities and vision that are so important.More than 70 percent of Vail’s property is owned by part-time residents who do not vote and often are unaware of important changes, some occurring almost daily. Part-time residents are not able to attend the forums where decisions are made that impact our property. We are there. The Homeowners Association represents us and ensures that we have a voice at the table. The Homeowners Association represents these part-time residents and many full time residents, as well. We aspire to have part and full-time residents working together to meet the constant challenges. Alan KosloffAssociation white papers and reports published: The association during the past year published the following reports and white papers. Most are available on the association’s Web site: n Vail’s Economic and Community Development Evolution – The Next Chapter. n Expanding or Eliminating Interstate 70 – A long-term vision plan for Vail. n VVHA Crossroads Recommendation to Vail Town Council. n Interstate 70 Expansion – VVHA Action Recommendation. n Pine Beetle Infestation – VVHA Action Recommendation.n Crossroads at Vail/VVHA Report to the Town Council.n Vail Conference Center VVHA Position Statement.n Town of Vail Election – Lapse of Fair Campaign Practices.n VVHA Position Statement for the proposed Vail Conference Center Election.n Post Town of Vail Election Report.n Open Space Preservation -Protective Covenant. Membership and organization issues: The Board of Directors has adopted governance guidelines to provide for the expansion and succession of its board membership. Emeritus positions have been created for retiring members who desire to continue their working relationship with the Board of Directors. Balloting for the 2006 Board of Directors has been completed. The association and its board lauds the civic contribution of Director Ellie Caulkins for her commitment and dedication to the Colorado Opera through the Caulkins Family generous patronage, which provided for the construction of the newly dedicated Ellie Caulkins Opera House in Denver. The association has reorganized it membership development program and will carry out a targeted membership drive during the first quarter of 2006. Efforts were made to stimulate the formation of advocacy homeowners associations in East and West Vail. The association’s email and Web site communication system were upgraded. The e-mail system was used extensively during the town of Vail election and is credited with getting the association’s views before the community and electorate. Press relations were conducted with the local media, the Denver Post, and New York Times. Several association authored op-ed commentaries were serialized and letters to the editor published in the Vail Daily. Lectures concerning Vail were delivered by the association’s executive director to student groups from the University of Colorado, Leeds School of Business and Michigan’s Hope College, Environmental studies program.The executive director made monthly financial reports to the association’s treasurer. The association will complete the year with a balanced budget and a healthy fund balance. Jim Lamont was the town of Vail’s first director of community development (1972-77). The executive director of the Vail Village Homeowners Association is a professional town planner and has been involved in most aspects of Vail’s development during his career. Vail, Colorado

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