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A second-rate stunt

Don Rogers

Read Eagle County Commissioner Arn Menconi’s justification for a smoking ban in “public” places carefully.He expresses a great deal of concern for children forced to ride in smoke-filled autos, and to sit in smoke-filled rooms.So he and his colleague have a ban on smoking in bars. That should make a huge difference. After all, there are all of what, four, in the Vail Valley that still allow smoking? But autos and homes are not part of any ban; they can’t be.He boasts that not one ticket for smoking has been issued in smokeless Summit County. Of course not. The police aren’t going to waste their time. They have enough real work to do.The second-hand crowd has it that seeing someone smoke in a park or a chairlift will give you cancer. Never mind the long lives of nearly all firsthand smokers despite the obvious health risks.The only thing cutting edge about a smoking ban in a community that pretty much doesn’t smoke is the amount of hot air government has given to the subject.This ought to be a skit on “Saturday Night Live,” a scene in a Monty Python movie. Right then, no one smokes. Let’s ban smoking.Smoking is unhealthy. So are a lot of other legal activities. But the problem is swiftly solving itself, as evidenced by that 72 percent vote. Government does not need to step in, and therefore it should not. This ban is essentially a stunt. Vail, Colorado

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