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A short break

I know. Hardly got started with this feature and already it’s taking a short break.

This daily sharing got off to a better start than I had imagined. Writing here helps me think. Reading your comments is always interesting, although I have to say that sometimes I don’t think you quite got what I was trying to say.

Then again, in the case of, say, immigration that didn’t seem to be the point. But that’s all right. Glad to be of service for even the comments that didn’t come remotely close to the subject. Or getting “credit” for the quotes from reports done by others.

For locals, I do want to talk about sitting down to breakfast with former Eagle County Administrator Jack Ingstad, who just got the county administrator job in the same town where my newspaper career began: Quincy, Calif., in the Sierra Nevada about an hour north of Lake Tahoe. Beautiful mountain country. Jack will do a great job for them, and prove what I already know: Our county commissioners made a big mistake letting him get away.

Also had a great, forthright talk with Commissioner Peter Runyon after an editorial challenging him and Commissioner Arn Menconi. Can’t go too far, because we agreed to clear the air between us without that damn editor going off and telling everyone about it! Suffice to say I left the conversation convinced that while Peter and Arn share many views, Peter most definitely is his own man and not Arn’s “poodle,” as some Tipsline callers and maybe even a letter writer have taunted. Hey, life as a public servant ain’t all easy.

And I wanted to thank Minturn Town Councilman Tom Sullivan, who I still believe owes it to the community to resign. It’s the ethical thing to do after cashing out with the Bobby Ginn development machine. He placed me up there with Vail’s “elite” while railing on in a column and confirming all my worst suspicions about the guy. But hey, Vail elite. I like that. Just wonder what the real elite think of that one!

But we’ll just have to wait to sort through that and whatever national hot button issues I can help push for you. Time for a little break.

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